Maximizing Value

through the

Power of Collaborations

Our Value Proposition


We engage as an integral part of the Client team and place their long term business interest at the core.


We ensure our skin in the game and commit resources to outcomes and not tasks. Our robust Program Management approach ensures that the deliverables are met and the desired results are achieved.


Our strong global connect across Industry, investors and Multiplier networks coupled with our experience, credentials & a strong ability to understand and appreciate  new technology & business models.

We anchor & enable…

Financial Partnerships

We work across a wide spectrum of investors including the Private Equity, Venture Capitalists, Industrial Houses and Individual Angel Investors.

We handhold clients right from preparing the Investment Pitch, through all the activities culminating in the Investment facilitation and any after-care support needed by the client after the new investor has been on-boarded.

Supply Chain Partnerships

We enable clients in building strategic partnerships across the Supply Chain for Procurement as well as Sales & Distribution.

We support our clients right from assessing the need to building a strategy all the way until enabling the Supply Contract and handholding the relationship building.

Technology Partnerships

We advise and handhold clients in accessing relevant technology through Licensing, Joint Ventures or Acquisitions.

We support clients in building a Technology Strategy, identifying the required technology and the modes of acquisition and can walk throughout the entire process to ensure that the synergy benefits are realized.

Industry Expertise

Aerospace & Defense
Agriculture & Food Processing
Automotive & Auto-Components
Energy & Renewables
Engineering & Capital Goods
Advanced Industrial Technology

Case Studies

Our rich experience in Strategic Partner Search & Onboarding includes the following areas.

  • Investor (financial partners) search & onboarding
  • Post-investment facilitation including Interim Management
  • Strategic Sourcing advisory and Supply Chain partner search
  • Technology strategy advisory and partner search

Write to us for more details and specific case studies.